palm leaf consultancy

  • Workshops

    Sandra led workshops with over 140 participants from 20 countries resulting in construction of date palm leaf structures.

    2014 – UAE, construction of The Food Shelter (The Sabla)
    2013 – France, the Domaine de Boisbuchet , video [more]
    2012 – UK, Oxfordshire, The Angel of Finstock

  • Technological Innovation

    Contemporary Palm Leaf Architecture.

    • Invention of palm leaf “bundling” technology - contemporary building design from palm leaves based on a series of tests full scale mock-ups, prototypes and palm leaf gridshell structures.

    • Hybrid solutions - pioneering and innovative schemes of connecting traditional materials (date palm gridshell structures) with tensile fabric roof covering.

    3 ideas Ltd has been collaborating with BuroHappold Engineering London Structures Group since 2012 on construction of innovative date palm leaf structures.

  • Baseline research

    • Book.
    Dr Sandra Piesik is the first to carry out a baseline research about date palm leaf architecture in the United Arab Emirates resulting in a book "Arish: Palm- Leaf Architecture" ” published by Thames and Hudson sold in 37 countries.
    Arabic edition published by Kalima and TCA Abu Dhabi in June 2015.

    • Reconstruction .
    The reconstruction of a traditional Arish House in Liwa Oasis, Rub Al Khali Desert, UAE (AR Emerging Architecture 2010 Award).

    • Consultancy.
    Dr Piesik is a consultant on date palm leaf architecture to The British Museum on the Zayed National Museum project.

  • Product design

    A high end contemporary series of furniture from the palm frond components designed to address issues of social and cultural responsibility in product design.

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